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Claim Back Your Mis Sold PPI Claims with PPIClaimCo.com – It’s Never Been Easier!

Up to date it is estimated that four million people have claimed back mis sold payment protection insurance charges. Could you be entitled to join them? If you have taken out a mortgage or a loan, a credit card or any form of credit agreement you could have been mis sold a PPI policy. At PPIClaimCo we have the expertise and knowledge to help you claim back what is rightfully yours, and thousands have already used our services to claim due compensation.

Our services do not end there: unlike a many other PPI compensation claims companies we will also help you to recover any unfair credit card charges that you may have been subject to in the last six years. WE also make it very simple to claim: you can either fill in the short online form, and we will call you back to discuss your case when it is convenient to you.

Why You Should Use PPI ClaimCo.com

Our experience in claiming back mis sold PPI refunds for our many clients has given us great insight into why people are reluctant to use a claims management company, but it has also taught us that – for many people – it is the right way to go. You can submit claims on your own, but we are entirely confident that by using our expert services we can make the process simple and stress free, leaving you to get on with your life.

These are some of the reasons why using us makes life easier:

1: We have a team of SPECIALIST PPI CLAIMS SOLICITORS who will ensure that your case is given individual attention, as you deserve.

2: We DO NOT CHARGE UPFRONT FEES for claiming – we are here to help you and it is our view that charging upfront is unethical.

3: Our NO WIN NO FEE* deal is just that – if we are not successful in getting back your mis sold PPI charges, we will not ask you to pay.

4: We DO NOT ADD HIDDEN EXTRAS for anything; we will even pay to get copies of paperwork from your lender if necessary.

6: Each customer is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER meaning you can catch up with your progress on the case without being passed from pillar to post.

We have been claiming back mis sold PPI charges since the scandal first emerged, and at PPIClaimCo.com we work within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice and we are committed to the highest possible standards in customer service.



What You Should Know about Payment Protection Insurance

The publicity surrounding the PPI claims scandal has pushed the subject into the public eye, but there remains confusion with some people over where they stand. Industry jargon can be difficult to get to grips with for the layman, so here is the information you need in simple terms.

The Beginnings of the PPI Claims Scandal

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority acted on a number of complaints from consumers about alleged mis selling of payment protection insurance. An investigation was carried out, and mis-selling was confirmed in many cases. The result was that many lenders were fined in 2007 for these transgressions and from 2009 it became against the law for lenders to sell single rate PPI policies. In 2011 the High Court passed a ruling agreeing with the FSA, which meant the lenders would be obliged to pay back mis sold fees.

PPI Provisions and Fines for Mis-selling

As a result of the High Court decision the banks and other lenders – including a number of retailers – have been forced to put aside money to cover the cost of repayments. Current estimates put the total PPI reclaim figure at £13billion. Lloyds Banking Group has made the largest provision with over £5billion so far, and it is entirely possible that this will need to be increased. If you have been mis sold PPI you are legally entitled to claim back the charges on your policy, and you can choose to use a professional claims company with relevant expertise in the law, or to claim yourself.

How Much Can You Claim?

The amount that you can claim depends on the loan and the PPI policy concerned; at the time of writing the average payout is around £2750, but there have been many that amounted to considerable amounts, with some in excess of £15,000.

There are online PPI calculator tools that will give you an idea of your potential refund.

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